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Abanazir Can

"Irish Myths and Legends: a brief study"
Agil Nazmi
"W.H.Auden: about the house, about the self"

Altınok Umay  and Deniz Örücü

"Streetstyle: style in the streets in relation to consumerism"

Atasü Erendiz

"Being a woman writer on the 75th anniversary of the Turkish Republic"
Aydin Kamil
Western Images of Turkey in the Twentieth Century
Bezel Nail
"Sense of place and displacement in Lord Byron's Childe Harold's Pilgrimage"
Bingöl Sinem and Uluer Aykut
"Reinvention of Rudyard Kipling and Bateman's"
Bozkurt Bülent
"Translation, Deception, Misconception: the myth of the translator as failed writer"

Bulut Alev

"Translating Virginia Woolf's stories into Turkish"
Canli Gülsen
"Construction and deconstruction of stereotypes"
Ceylan Deniz Tarba
"Intimidation and Embarrassment in Dickens' early novels"
Çaplı Bülent
"The Media in Turkey"
Çıkıgil Necla
"Dramatic Silences and Eloquences in Pinter and Stoppard"
Çubukçu Feryal
"Duality in A Tale of Two Cities"
DeCoursey Christina
"Darwin and Dickens 1860-65"
Durgun Sezgi
"The Concept of Outsiders in the Cinema"
Ekim Basak
"Gender, Work and Citizenship: The Turkish Case"
Ergün Zeynep
"Axel Heyst: an island entire of itself"

Erol Burcin

"British colonial expansion and the expansion of British Food Culture 1500-1800"
Ersin Defne
"Deconstructing the Given"
Ezer Özlem
"Reconstruction of women's identity through the experience of travel"
Gill Simon
"Culture Matters: Invisible, Insane, Translating the Untranslatable"
Glaister Dan
"Writing and Surviving in England"
Haney William
"Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five and the impact of war on American culture: shell-shock or hysteria"

"The Knowledge of Unknowing in Beckett's Waiting for Godot"

Hyde Barbara

"Cultural differences in teacher development"
Içöz Nursel
"Evil Intentions are the person's own undoing"
Kaya Sebnem
"Joking to The Bluer End: Tom Stoppard"
Kelleher Joe
"Disappearing Authors: Poetry and The Twentieth Century Stage"
Kennedy Valerie
"Challenging figures: Three of Dickens' Marginal Women"
Kiran Raw Meltem
"The French Revolution in the Popular Imagination: A Tale of Two Cities"
König Güray
"The place of English in Turkey"
Lake Anthony
"I saw a cadaverous face appear: Ghosts, Bodies, Selves and others in David Copperfield"
Leslie Ann
"English Identity"
Mahoney Leo
"Archives and secret intelligence in the novels of John le Carre"
McDonough Donald
"Darryl Pinckney's search for Identity in High Cotton"
Mentese Oya Batum
"Representations of History: Erendiz Atasü's The Other Side of the Mountain and Pat Barker's Regeneration"
Moghimi Zohreh
"V.S.Naipaul's The Mimic Men"
Mortan Nuvit
"Ecological Theatre"
Oppermann Serpil
"Feminist literature and criticism: expanding the canon as regards the novel"
Öncül Naciye
"To the Lighthouse in Turkish: Deniz Feneri"
Öndül Selda
"The Hero As The Victim in Harold Pinter's Plays"
Öniz Suzan
"A Mini-survey of whether soap opera English has found its way into Turkish"
Özüm Aytül
"Representation of the working class and masculinity in Sillitoe's Saturday Night and Sunday Morning"
Özünlü Ünsal
"Humour: its development in Turkey"
Pagan Nicholas
"A Map of the World: An Exercise in Dramatic Rhetoric"
Pelin Ebru
Intercultural Interview
Philo Simon
"Getting dumber and dumber: MTV's Global equivalent"
Pickering Michael
"History, Cultural Studies and the question of tradition"
Raw Laurence
"British Studies in Turkish Universities"

"Hollywood UK: UK's Hollywood"

"The cultural context of American Literature: some thoughts"

"Revaluating Ben Jonson"

Reis Huriye
"Places and Poetic Creativity in Chaucer's House of Fame and The Parlement of  Fowls"
Remington Pete
Text and Textuality: English Literature in Drama
Rumford Chris
"Politics of Identity or politics of disorientation: the return to 'culture' in post-communist Europe"
Satilmis Demet
"Talk-shows in Turkey"
Smith Grahame
"Dickens and Critical Theory"

"Dickens and the City of Light"

Stone Leonard
"Representations of Britain"
Simsek Leyla
"An analysis of the Turkish newspapers' coverage of violence against women"
Tamplin Ron
"Statues, War and Empire"

"Of Children and Islands"

The Meaning of Spectacle

Tanrisal Meldan
"Squaws and Princesses or Corn Maidens: Misconceptions and Truths about native American women"
Taskin Sema
The Power of Words : A Study of English Romantic Drama
Taylan Cahit
"The effectiveness of dictionaries: a comparative study"
Toplu Sebnem
"English Kings vs. Ottoman Sultans: Life in eighteenth and nineteenth century Britain and the Ottoman Empire"

Text and Textuality: English Literature in Drama

Usar Onar
"The challenge of feminist theory in organisational analysis"
Uzmen Engin
"Nationalism in Shakespeare"

"Jesus Christ Superstar"

Uzundemir Özlem
"Doris Lessing's African Laughter"
Ward Randall
"Speculative Pre-Histories and real world futures: how fictional pasts can help determine the future"
Wyckoff Donna
"Romancing reality: newsstand novels and social reality"
Yenicioglu Yigithan
"Gay Identities: Communities and Places in 1990s Istanbul"
Yelce Zeynep
"The revival of Jane Austen"
Yerebakan Ibrahim
"Theatricalising History: Approaches to the Past From A Female Perspective: Caryl Churchill"
Young Lola
"The colour of British Ivory Towers"
Youssef Christine
"Pantomimic Conventions in the plays of Peter Nichols"
Yüksel Aysegül
"Aesthetic Distancing in Tom Stoppard's Drama"