General Cultural Theory and Theorists
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History Today, JULY issue 1998
History Today Magazine

University of Birmingham, Department of Cultural Studies & Sociology
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Links to other Cultural Studies & Sociology related sites
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Bookpages Foyer
Britain's BEST Internet bookstore (so they claim...)

The National Gallery, London
The National Gallery, London

A to Z List of Beers
A to Z List of Beers

Oxford Bottled Beer Database
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Teacher Training Agency
No one forgets a good teacher

The UK Football Pages Directory
UK Football Pages

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Glasgow 1999
Since Glasgow won the title of UK City of Architecture and Design against stiff competition, a programme of initiatives, events and collaborations has been developed. The aim of 1999 is to position Glasgow internationally as a major European city of ideas where an understanding of the architectural and design process and the recognition of design excellence is inherent in its people, business and culture.

Journalism UK
Journalism UK is aimed at print journalists writing for UK magazines or based in the UK.

UK Sensitive Maps (Universities)
This is by far the easiest and the best way of locating and linking to a British University

BIDS - Bath Information and Data Services
Bibliographic data and electronic journals

Internet Magazine Online
List of cybercafes, events, diaries etc. in UK

Coronation Street
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British Tourist Authority site
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Campbell's Community Center
For those who are interested in cooking

Rockmine Archives
Ultimate Rock Resource

A complete interactive atlas of Great Britain on the Web!
A complete interactive atlas of Great Britain on the Web!

General Election 97
1997 General Election UK

British Magazines Direct
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