Bogazici University Applied Tourism and Research Center (ATARC) jointly with BU Center for Comparative European Studies (CECES) and the Economic and Social History Foudation of Turkey are planning a conference on 'Heritage. Multicultural Attractions and Tourism' on August 25,26,27 1998. The conference is scheduled to have three preliminary sessions and six workshops on the below specified tracks. The main tracks of the conference are:

i) Cultural Heritage The aim of this track is to challenge the use of archaeological, historical and other mankind resources in tourism. Also interregional cooperation in the use of cultural resources and common heritage product development will be discussed.

ii) Tradition and Living Cultures There is a vital interplay between culture and tourism. For the tourist, the desire for sight seeing, entertainment, relaxation and adventure is now strongly accompanied with the wish to experience and be acquainted with the traditions and living cultures of the countries and regions visited.

Thus, culture is more than one of the motives of travelling. As a holistic system that embodies history, ats, values, religion, rites, mode of production, language, technology, health, daily practices, consumpton, population, housing and relationship with the environment, culture also is a valued product of tourism.

The aim of this track is to discuss the social interaction between tourists and hosts and their impact on each other in view of their motives, values, social norms, communication, manners, traditions and culture. The following issues may be challenged in the process of the workshop: What have been the different modes of introducing and conveying this product to the tourists? What other future possibilities exist and what policies can be suggested?

Finally, what ethical issues are there in the process and realization of cultural tourism during the interaction between the host and the tourist?

3) Urban and Rural Tourism Planning

This track aims to provide latitude to all participants, with broad designed topic titles and accompanying major topics as:

Tourism Development in Rural Areas

Key words: traditional villAGES, rural lifestyle, agriculture/ farming, wildlife/nature preserves, native crafts/dances/arts, rural market places and archaeological sites and mountains.

Tourism Development in Urban areas

Key words: Museums of archaeologyi history, natural history, arts and crafts; technologyi shopping facilities, historic buildings and districts, civic centers/squares, street life, urban traits, parks, cultural festivals, special events, business life/ centers, government/ planning, infrastructure.

Invited speakers include:

Max Hebditch (Taunton, UK)

Philip Scranton (New Jersey, USA)

Peter Bendixen (HWP, Hamburg)

Andreas Wiesand (ERIC Arts, Bonn)

Bernard Sharratt (University of Kent) Suheyla Artemel (Yeditepe University) Nedret Kuran (Bogazici University)

Orhan Silier (Social and Economic History Foundation of Turkey) Vural Oger (Oger Tours, Hamburg)

Ulrich Borsdorf (Ruhland Museum, Essen, Germany)

Other speakers include:

Bozkurt Guvenc (Turkish Republic Presidential Advisor) Doudou Diene (Director of Intercultural Projects, UNESCO) Jukka Jokilehto (ICCROM)

Further information from:

Doc. Dr. Nedret Kuran Burcoglu, Bogazici University, Centre for Comparative European Studies, PK 2 80815 Bebek, Istanbul


Orhan Silier, Turkiye Ekonomik ve Toplumsal Tarih Vakfi, Valikonagi Cad. 57/4, 80220 Nisantasi, Istanbul

Tel: 00 90 212 233 21 61

Fax: 00 90 212 234 3290


Festival of writing from the Commonwealth Lands, Maurtius, 22-24 July 1998.

The British Council in Mauritius is organising a conference for all those interested in reading, writing and teaching literature from the Commonwealth Islands, to be held at the University of Mauritius in July.

The programme will consist of readings, workshops and talks on all aspects of island literature including the Pacific, the Caribbean, Australasia, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Indian Ocean.

The festival will be chaired by Rod Edmonds of the University of Kent. Speakers are expected to include Homi Bhabha, John McRae, Shirley Chew, Ramesh Gunesekara and Caryl Phillips.

Around 50 participants are expected from outside Mauritius. The fee is 450 for five nights accommodation in beach hotel, meals and conference attendance. Payment should be made to the British Council Literature Department in London (for non-BC sponsored particioants) and to the British Council in Mauritius (for BC sponsored participants).

Flyers and application form will be available soon from Hilary Jenkins in British Council Literature Department (E-Mail The deadline for applications is 30th May.


The Hacettepe University Centre for British Culture and English Literature was formally opened on 20 March 1998. The invited speaker was Dr. Joanne Collie from the University of Warwick, who talked on the relationship between English Literature and Cultural Studies, and how both disciplines could be approached from differing perspectives. The text of her speech will be available soon on this website.

The Centre itself hopes to act as a publishing, research and teaching venture, concentrating in particular on the relationship between literature and culture, while focusing also on cross-cultural issues involving British, American and Turkish cultures. The Director of the Centre is Prof. Dr. Gulsen Canli. Other centre members of staff include Defne Ersin and Aykut Uluer, from whom further information can be obtained at the following address: